Goodnight, Sleep Tight!

Written by Harry Verry / Illustrated by Ben Buchanan and Dane Tatana

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Go on an adventure before bed in ‘Goodnight, Sleep Tight’

This exciting expedition takes your little adventurer around the world before bed time. They'll travel to different countries and make new friends, while learning greetings in several different languages.

Personalisation lets your child see themselves in the story.

Select hair colour and skin tone to create a customised avatar for you child, then add a name to make them the star of the story. Personalisation lets them live out fun adventures over and over again, in a way other books don't.  

A special gift for a special kid.

Beautifully illustrated and fun to read, 'Goodnight, Sleep Tight' makes a perfect gift for all kinds of kids. The added personalisation ensures it'll become a firm favourite for years to come.